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The day-to-day operations of Maximus are managed by the company owners, James & Kathy Postlethwaite. James has 35 years of experience in real estate development, building his first home in 1981. His experience in property management began in 1985 and it continues today by managing 8 rental properties. From 1989 to the present, James has successfully completed numerous renovations & additions for family, friends and on personal residences. His construction experience is complemented by his project manager skills, which were first developed in the oil and gas industry as a Development Engineer Technologist. The time devoted to planning, estimating and scheduling gives Maximus a competitive advantage, resulting in shorting timelines and construction costs that are on budget.

 Maximus General Contracting Ltd was incorporated on September 17, 2009. The primary goal of the company is to provide quality, affordable housing within the inner city communities of Bowness and Montgomery. This goal is achieved by the renovation and rental of existing houses and through the construction and sale of new infill houses. Both neighborhoods provide numerous amenities like schools, shopping, the university, two hospitals and easy access to the Bow River, downtown and the mountains. Redevelopment with infill houses has already started in each of these areas resulting in increased property values, but still much lower than other inner city districts. Maximus works with rental property owners helping them prepare a development strategy for their property. If required, Maximus will act as both the property manager and the project manager for the construction of infill houses.