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  1. Deposit of rent and security deposits on behalf of the owner.
  2. Deposit all owner payments monthly into the owner’s preferred bank account.
  3. Collect delinquent accounts and handle any required evictions.
  4. Post approved invoices and process payments.


  1. Place advertisings for the property online.
  2. Take all calls from potential tenants.
  3. Show the property during the day and early evening.
  4. Take applications from potential tenants and approve tenants.
  5. Handle all move-in and move out processes.
  6. Organize repair and maintenance for the property as approved by the owner.
  7. Provide 24-hour emergency service for tenants.
  8. Supervise maintenance contractors.
  9. Respond to correspondence, resolve complaints from tenants and condominium Board.
  10. Provide regular property inspections.


  1. Potential tenant fills out an application.
  2. Contact character references provided; current employer, previous landlord and pull a credit report from Equifax.
  3. The rent cannot be more than 33% of the Tenant’s gross income.
  4. After the tenant is approved, a security deposit is requested to hold the property.
  5. Producing quality tenants since 1996.